An authentic taste of Italy in Witney

Giancarlo and Marcello are two Italians living in Witney. They have a passion for real Italian food and wine - and they're ready to share it with you! Come and say Ciao at their pop-up shop on Corn Street between 9:00-5:00, Tuesday to Saturday. 

At Acqua Salata you will find a large selection of Italian cured meats and cheese, jars and packets of delicious things and a range of wines and spirits. There is also a selection of freshly made pasta, arancini, sauces and other Italian specialities. 


On our antipasti counter you can find a range of Italian meats and cheeses. We stock a large range including hard to find products such as Guanciale, Ricotta Fresca, Bottarga and Stracchino. 


Marcello makes a range of fresh egg pasta every day. It is available by itself, or you can choose from our selection of microwaveable pasta kits. We stock a range of regular sauces alongside seasonal specials. 


In our larder we stock a wide selection of speciality Italian food and drink. There's a huge range including cooking ingredients, sweet treats, regional wines, aperitivi and digestivi. 


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